About Us

We realize for you projects that leave their mark.
We have the right know-how to set up exclusive and unforgettable sceneries and special effects.
We are not visionaries but professionals that believe in the attainable quality of their products.

We think beyond boundaries, we can realise anything.

Special Effects

We have high quality and state-of-the-art machinery and equipment:
fire, smoke, snow, fog, feathers, confetti, fireworks, co2 are the various elements we use to shape incredible shows.

Scenery and Settings

We join the construction experience to the experimentation of new scenic solutions.
We assist the customer through all the stages of the realisation, identifying solutions that always reach the synthesis between quality and distinction.
We design and realise scenery and settings that improve the aesthetic and functional quality of your image.
Flexibility, attention to details and a wide selection of materials make us a reliable and dynamic partner.



Registered office
Via G. Calini, 6
20025 Legnano (MI)

Head office
Via A. Lincon, 7
20025 Legnano (MI)

Art director and product manager
Simone Chiaravalli
+39 348 4236640

Alice Milani
+39 339 6038382


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